Community Resources 

The North Shore Multicultural Society is passionate about building strong connections and partnerships within the community. Through day-to-day networking and participation in various community advisory meetings, we make sure we’re up-to-date on what programs and services are available to clients. Our settlement team is able to provide referrals to a number of community resources, including but not limited to:


•           Child care information services

•           Community health programs

•           Early childhood programs

•           Emergency housing options

•           Employment services

•           English language classes

•           Individual and family counseling

•           Legal information, support, and referral services

•           Libraries

•           Local police and RCMP offices

•           Post-partum support

•           Recreation programs and subsidies

•           Seniors’ programs

•           School programs

•           Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS)

•           Victims services

•           Women’s programs and advocacy groups

•           Youth services


The North Shore Multicultural Society is here to help you settle on the North Shore. If you’re having trouble finding or accessing a service in your community, please make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable Settlement Workers.