Diversity Services - Adults 

Centre for Diversity and Innovation

The Centre provides leadership, education and inspirational approaches to building healthy and inclusive communities and workplaces.

We will work with the public, communities, organizations and all ages to:

-Increase understanding about diversity and inclusion
-Reveal challenges and discover pathways of learning
-Create environments of dignity and respect
-Design innovative approaches to nurture stronger connections and human relationships

We provide essential customized educational workshops; inspirational public speaking engagements at conferences, dialogues, forums, or other gatherings; and access to current information, resources, or referrals to a wide range of talented diversity practitioners.

The Centre for Diversity and Innovation (CDI) is a project of the North Shore Multicultural Society.

The Centre for Diversity and Innovation believes that everyone can thrive, belong and be included. CDI services are provided on a fee for service basis. In regards to customized workshops, the following would occur:

Needs Assessment:  An initial ½ to 1-hour consultation to discuss needs and expectations with the client. Based on this meeting, we either make verbal referrals to resources or consultants or propose options for training workshops.

Workshop Sessions: Dependent on the Needs Assessment, we offer a variety of fee-for-service educational workshops (for adults and youth) that develop capacity in understanding diversity and inclusion to work more effectively with diverse people; to facilitate sharing of challenges and strategies for inclusive environments; and to provide practical tools to be able to effectively work with diversity.

Themes of stereotypes, power, and privilege are explored through interactive activities.

Half day and full day workshops ae available.
For more information contact Meharoona Ghani at Meharoonag@nsms.ca.