Find a Job: Employment Mentoring Program

‘The information and advice that I received from my mentor who was also a UBC instructor, gave me a better understanding of my different career options in Canada’- Zahra

Employment Mentoring Program
The Employment Mentoring Program connects skilled immigrants with professionals from a variety of fields including medicine, engineering, IT, finance, education, and trades. We regularly hold information sessions, facilitated by locally employed professionals who can answer your questions about working in Canada.

The Employment Mentoring Program can help you by:
- Providing an opportunity for you to meet a Canadian professional in your field of work (networking!).
- Helping you understand the different work options available to you and what you can do to return to your field of work.
- Providing an opportunity for you to meet other new immigrants, who are going through the same process, with whom you can share stories, experiences, and successes.

We are always looking for volunteers with Canadian experience working in their field and knowledge of the accreditation process for new immigrants. This involves making presentations to groups of newcomers for approximately two hours.

Register for Workshops

Contact to register for the information session and for more information: Homa Soltani: 604-988-2931 or homas.@nsms.ca