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'I find my class here very interesting. There are different topics every month that are helpful to newcomers. We also have fieldtrips and I get a lot of information from these trips.'

Do you want to improve your English?

English for Professionals-Intermediate (CLB 5 and above):
This class is for newcomer professionals with an Intermediate English level (Level 5-6) and Advanced English Level (Level 7 and above) who want to learn about Canadian workplace culture and develop the soft skills necessary for success in the workplace.

CELPIP Preparation Program (CLB 4 and above):
CELPIP is the only Canadian test of English language proficiency approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the purpose of Canadian citizenship. This program has been developed by a certified CELPIP instructor to help test takers reach their target scores on their CELIP test.

Citizenship Test Preparation Class (CLB 4 and above):
You will learn about Canadian history, geography, government system and elections in this class. You will have a lot of opportunities to try the practice tests and interviews.

Conversation Classes

Level 1 / 2 - Living in North Vancouver! (Beginner/Upper Beginner):
This class will help students with everyday English they need to Live in Vancouver - in shops, supermarkets, doctors’ offices, their child’s school and community places.

Level 3 - Getting Around in North Vancouver! (Advanced Beginner):
This class will help students develop the speaking and listening skills they need to make connections and get around more easily in their communities.

Level 4 - Take Part! (Lower Intermediate):
This class will give students more confidence in talking about topics that are useful to newcomers. It will help them to Take Part more fully in the community and enjoy everything that Vancouver has to offer.

Level 5 - Talk It Over! (Intermediate):
This class practices English for everyday communication in the community. Learn the right thing to say in the right situation. Practice English as you Talk It Over!

Level 6 and above - What’s New? (Advanced):
Correct and improve your English through dialogues, discussion and short presentations. Develop an understanding of Canadian culture by reading newspapers, watching the news and discussing current events. On-line materials are also used. Students are encouraged to write on class topics and all writing is carefully corrected.

Tutoring Groups (1- 4 students):
Do you want to improve a specific language skill? Or prepare for college or university? Make your own group with other students of the same level.

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