Living In Canada: Connecting to your community

‘Many thanks to staff for organizing informative workshops, providing opportunities to be a volunteer and helping newcomers find their path’- Elham

Community Connections Program
The Community Connections Program organizes group activities on the North Shore for participants to learn about local resources and events, while making new friends and practicing their English. This program also connects recent immigrants with volunteers who are established North Shore residents.

Activities include:
- Tours of North Shore libraries and community recreation centres
- Club Café to meet North Shore residents and practice English
- Guest speakers sharing information about volunteering in the community
- Participation in community events: Art Gallery, Evening of Jazz, Coffee in the Neighbourhood
- Potluck Parties celebrating Special Occasions During the Year: Fall (Halloween), Winter, Lunar New Year, Norooz, Summer Picnic

Volunteers for Community Connections Program
If you have lived on the North Shore for at least 3 years and would like to share your knowledge of the North Shore and living in Canada, while meeting new people, please contact Sochell Roman at sochellr@nsms.ca or call at 604-973-0453.

Register for Workshops

Call for more information Sochell Roman at 604-973-0453