Living In Canada: Programs

NSMS provides various programs to help individuals and families adjust to living in Canada. Programs have from 4-10 sessions and are held throughout the year in various languages.

This program provides a holistic approach for maintaining mental and physical health in a new cultural context for women. It is provided in Farsi, Mandarin, and Korean in 6 sessions.

Topics include
• Understanding/accessing health care information-BC medical care system
• Effects of immigration on physical and mental well-being
• Developing a holistic health plan for own/families’ well-being and health care needs
• Addressing women’s health concerns in Canada; breast cancer, dental care, mental health, diabetes
• Benefits of and how to access physical activity opportunities on the North Shore

Mammography and PAP Clinics with cultural and linguistic support in Farsi, Mandarin and Korean. NSMS partners with Vancouver Coastal Health to provide this program.

The Active Living Program organizes activities on the North Shore for women, facilitated in Farsi, Mandarin and Korean. The program provides a range of activities including walking, Zumba and yoga, to allow women to learn about activities available on the North Shore. NSMS partners with Vancouver Coastal Health. The program is also supported by the North Vancouver Recreation Commission and the West Vancouver Community Centre.

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Nazila Safari (Farsi), Jin Park (Korean), Rosanna Ng (Mandarin)

This group provides a safe space for women:
• To learn and practice English communication skills
• Learn about services in the community
• Participate in group and community activities
• Meet other people and make friends
• Get involved in the community
• Learn about Canadian law
• Learn about rights in Canada
• Receive specialized and individual support
• Gain confidence

Childminding is provided for participants’ children aged 0—5 during class time.

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Shabnam Rohbani 604-988-2931

This program provides an opportunity for Farsi and Mandarin speaking seniors to access local senior’s resources and services, to meet other seniors, and to access health, transportation, financial and legal systems.

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Lida Amriri (Farsi), Rosanna Ng (Mandarin)

Let’s Learn Together (ages 0-5)
Farsi and Mandarin-speaking families, who have children 0 –5 years of age, are invited to attend this free parenting program. Come and learn about community resources for families and children, through parent workshops and parent/child activities (songs, games, and free play). Make new friends and share your experiences of raising children in Canada!

IPALS: Immigrant Parents as Literacy Supporters (ages 3-5)
North Vancouver Farsi and Korean-speaking families, with children ages 3-5, are invited to join us for ten evenings of fun and learning. Parents/family/caregivers will learn how to prepare their children for school and will have the opportunity to work with them in fun, supportive ways. North Vancouver School District 44 is a partner in this program.

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Sara Tabatabaee (Farsi), Jin Park (Korean), Rosanna Ng (Mandarin)

This program is for Farsi, Mandarin, and Korean-speaking parents and pre-teens.
Parents will develop new strategies for dealing with the challenges of the pre-teen and teenage years. Facilitators will share tools for communicating with their children, so they can help them make healthy life decisions and avoid high-risk behaviours.
Children will have the opportunity to meet other immigrant children of their age-group, and to express their immigrant experience through fun activities.

Topics include:
• The Impact of Immigration on Family Life
• Bi-Cultural Parenting
• Healthy Childhood Development
• Family Relationships and Communication
• Life in School and Peer Relationships
• Use of Community Resources
• World & Internet Influences

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Sara Tabatabaee (Farsi), Jin Park (Korean), Rosanna Ng (Mandarin)

This program is for Farsi, Mandarin and Korean-speaking parents of youth ages 13-19. Parents will explore a variety of parenting topics in 4 workshop sessions.

Topics include:
• Parenting Styles – Bi-Cultural Parenting
• Understanding Your Teen
• Communication Skills
• Social Media and Cyber Bullying
• School Culture in Canada and Expectations from Parents
• North Shore Multicultural Society Youth Programs

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Nazila Safari (Farsi), Jin Park (Korean), Rosanna Ng (Mandarin)