Neonology Community Youth Program 

Neonology – Diversity Training Program


The North Shore Multicultural Society has worked hard to create Neonology, an innovative and engaging diversity training program for elementary and secondary school youth. This program has been so effective, that we’ve decided to extend our scope to include organizations and businesses within the broader community. Why let youth have all the fun?


The Neonology Legacy Diversity Training Program has been developed for adults, and is an invaluable training tool. Through our curriculum we share our best practices, and our Diversity Team works with your organization or business to create initiatives/programs that are most relevant to your needs. We welcome workshop inquiries from all agencies and service providers. 

Contact us: neonology@nsms.ca

Learn more: www.neonology.ca


Neonology Legacy Toolkit (2012)

Engaging 15-year-olds is tough in almost any subject and talking about racism, discrimination, power and privilege are difficult topics no matter what age. But we did just that. With funding from the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation and with the support of our School Districts, we listened, talked to and engaged 3,000+ youth in these topics. They learned a lot. We learned a lot. It’s called Neonology.


Our communities are becoming increasingly multicultural. Cultural diversity is exciting and makes our communities dynamic; it can also make connecting and building relationships difficult and can lead to judgment and exclusion. It is not easy to understand and deal with differences, especially as a teen. We all want a sense of belonging, especially as a teen. For many youth, understanding cultural differences and their peers reactions to it, is challenging. Racism, discrimination, oppression, power and privilege- these are heavy and dark words and topics that are often avoided.


Neonology took a different perspective – a brighter, fresher look – a different lens. And, it worked. Fifteen-year-olds all over the North Shore wanted to be part of Neonology – wear the t-shirts, join a club, visit the website. How come? By working with teens, listening to them, and embracing their ideas, we figured out what worked for them. We engaged them and achieved everything we set out to achieve and more. We learned a lot.


This toolkit is not a guide; it is not a Neonology blueprint. It is intended as an inspiration; you will have to figure out how you engage your community and your youth. Youth are complicated – tough to connect with and tough to understand – or so we thought. Their modes of communication let them be more complex and covert than ever – or so we thought. The truth is they are not much different than before; you just have to meet them where they are. We did. 3,000+ times. This toolkit will help you to understand how we did it and how you can do it.