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Many immigrants have made their homes on the North Shore. According to the Statistics Canada 2011 Census, a significant number of North Shore residents reported a non-official language as their mother tongue: 30.1% in the City of North Vancouver, 22.5% in the District of North Vancouver, and 30.2% in the District of West Vancouver. Farsi was the most commonly spoken non-official language, followed by the Chinese languages (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean and Tagalog.


Persian Community

Persians are the fastest growing ethno-cultural and language group on the North Shore. Almost 11,000 people reported Farsi as their mother tongue in 2011. NSMS responded by increasing its capacity to serve this community. We currently have 3 Persian Settlement Workers and 1 Persian Settlement Worker in Schools. Many of our workshops and programs are offered in Farsi, and we often have Farsi-speaking professionals from the community volunteer their time to speak with our clients.


Chinese Community

The second-largest immigrant community on the North Shore is made up of people from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China. 2,440 people reported Mandarin, and 2,150 reported Cantonese, as their mother tongues in 2011. While many services already exist in Vancouver for clients who speak Mandarin and Cantonese, NSMS recognizes the importance of support within the North Shore community. We currently have 2 Chinese Settlement Workers and 1 Chinese Settlement Worker in Schools. Many of our workshops and programs are offered in Mandarin, and one of our Chinese Settlement Workers holds office hours once a week at the West Vancouver Community Centre to better serve this population.


Korean Community

The Korean community remains significant on the North Shore. 3,585 people reported Korean as their mother tongue in 2011. Despite the size of this population, there are very few organizations that provide service to the Korean community. NSMS aims to bridge this gap with culturally appropriate programs and services. We currently have 1 Korean Settlement Worker. We are able to offer many of our workshops and programs in Korean.


Filipino Community

The Filipino community on the North Shore is growing. 2,705 people reported Tagalog as their mother tongue in 2011. Many Filipinos speak fairly fluent English; however, young children and family-sponsored newcomers may have more limited English-language abilities, which hinders their access to mainstream services. NSMS currently has 1 Filipino Settlement Worker. To accommodate those who are unable to receive services during the week, many of our workshops are held on Saturdays and Sundays. 

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