We are currently raising $35,000 to build a new Client Computer Lab. Would you consider making a donation? Whether it is $50 or $500, any amount will help. There will be recognition for all donations and special recognition for donations of $2,000 or more.


No matter the size, your donation will make a big difference to newcomers to the North Shore who are trying to establish themselves in our community. Together, we can expand possibilities and give the best start to every new immigrant and refugee on the North Shore.


Donations can be made securely online through Canada Helps by clicking here, in-person at our main office, or by mailed cheque. Receipts for donations of $20 or more will be issued for income tax purposes.






Deniz immigrated here with her young family from Turkey just 2 months ago. She’s been using the Employment Centre and is beginning to learn of all the resources available:


Technology totally made it possible for us to find a place to live. All these opportunities given to us a newcomer, we heard about them but all the resources were listed on the internet.


You have to have a computer or smartphone to be updated of all the opportunities available to you. I am using NSMS to reach jobs and employers that are looking for me.


Having more free time on the computer would be helpful and more computers for accessing job searches… having a quiet place like here is great.



Milena came to Canada with her family from Brazil 3 years ago. She speaks about using computers at the North Shore English Language Centre:


Some people, in their country, they do not have these resources so they are also learning how to use computers in the English class.


Yes, it [the computer] is so important for settling. The most important for me was to learn about websites for the North Shore, health, for living and how to be a Canadian. I am so grateful for learning English because we need it for everything. I studied in my country but it’s not the same.


There is no time in class to use computers at leisure, and some students don’t have computers at home.