“I am thankful for the information that I receive from NSMS.”


“I hope many other people also would use the services provided by this organization to settle and enjoy their life here as immigrants.”


“Please continue to serve us, we really need your help.”


“I’m very thankful for the services from all areas we receive from NSMS. Their support helps me to be able to continue living in Canada.”


“I am really grateful for the workers.”


“NSMS has been enormously beneficial.”


“All the services have been greatly helpful. I appreciate it a lot.”


“I am always satisfied with the information provided by NSMS.”


“All the programs and services have been considerably useful. Keep up the good work!”




“This is my second appointment and the settlement worker helped me a lot. I highly appreciate it.”


“NSMS feels like my second home and all the support I have received has benefited me greatly.”


“I’d like to thank NSMS for their assistance and support for newcomers.”


“My Case Manager has been tremendously supportive and she has given me invaluable job search advice.”


“NSMS has been the only organization which has provided me with quality service and support whenever I have needed help with completing forms and other settlement issues.”


“It was our first time here at NSMS. The settlement worker was able to help my husband and I with all our questions regarding settlement issues and citizenship. She has been very supportive and patient.”

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