​Tours of North Shore Community Services

We encourage you to get to know your local community. Community Connections tours offer you the opportunity to visit community services such as libraries, recreation centres, city hall, art galleries, fire stations and more. ​A really fun way to learn about living in Canada!

Club Cafes

In our Club Cafes, you will learn about new topics or activities, and practice English in a casual environment. You will also meet other North Shore residents and make connections.

Meet New People and Connect to Community Services

As you establish meaningful relationships in your community, you feel a greater sense of belonging and happiness in your new community. Community Connections programs also provide local established residents with the opportunity to meet new friends and give back to their community.

Volunteer at NSMS

Many of our programs and workshops require the help of volunteers. Whether you are an established resident or a newcomer, you can become a volunteer and donate valuable time, energy, and skills to contribute to our community. Learn more about volunteering.